Welcome to our big WINTER 2021 edition of ‘In the Club’ as we reach 45 issues!

WOW it’s been forever, since we put out a mag! So happy to be doing so again… in this months bumper 82 pager. You will see, read and hear about. The NEW Tuesday Club single – Redemption Song. You’ll be able to get tickets for TCs Horn support to My Life Story, you’ll also be able to buy NEW vinyl by FACTION STRUCTURE, read great reviews and interviews from Monty Davenport, BIG M with Mac Lemonrock and the mighty Ring Master Review, you’ll also see features on JAM UK record label, new band Fever Creature, Gig news and features on She Made Me Do It and Scant Regard, the new album by The Fabulists. A look at The Scratch and their legacy 20 years on, Franny Griffiths from Space is IN THE CLUB, there’s also new from Dislocated Flowers, Endless Idiot, Kevee Lynch, Empire Records TOP 10 albums of 2021 and of course The Andreas & The Wolf Radio, The Minx diary and Manilla PR. So hopefully it’ll have been worth this long long wait! Tell yer friends to subscribe and we’ll see you 9 Dec for the TCs xmas night out! xx
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