Come, let’s ride the escalator to nowhere… leave all your possessions behind.”

Buyin’ into Fantasy is the debut album by Faction Structure. Released via St Albans label Perfect Pop Co-Op On Saturday 23 April 2022. The album was written by GAND? and has eight tracks. It was recorded at home and features guest appearances by Dan K Brown (The Fixx, The The), Tiggy Pop (debut) and Jordan (The Tuesday Club, Recharged Radio).

“Come get lost in the stratosphere, with instinct as our light. While others sleep, let’s dare to creep away, at the dead of night…”

Written predominantly during lockdown 1. The album was produced via the magic of the ether by the legendary producer Steve Honest and GAND? during lockdown 2. Buyin’ into Fantasy is the first in a 5 album series that will be released on all formats (eventually), but initially with a limited edition of only 50 vinyl copies and as digital release.