Gand? is the latest character to ooze a project for the Perfect Pop Co-Op, following in the footsteps of Reverse Family, The Dodo, The Bleeed and The Tuesday Club. Gand? Is the maudlin brainchild behind the latest fluid PPCO concept, that remains lost in a world of old school pop adoration.

Working under the name FACTION STRUCTURE and likened to the extravagant avant garde experimentations of Mallard. The musical ‘styling’ was cultivated in the subsequent decades that are now lost in time and space and generally only hold the glister for those of that time… if they still can, or care to remember.

FACTION STRUCTURE exist writhing in aspic with no pretension of popularity or comprehension of fad or the vibe in a world long lost to algorithms and Woocommerce. Belligerently residing in the last bastion of a semi comatose dreamland they do it just for shits and giggles…

FACTION STRUCTURE is a 5 album concept that encompasses the flailing end of the 10s and turbulent start to the 20s. The songs traverse our tangled stories of survival, berevment, incomprehension, frustration, fear, greed, desire and maybe hope?

“FACTION STRUCTURE is old wave disco-rock. Dracula meets Malcolm McLaren. It’s an outsider pop experiment, immersed in the hasty dystopian paranoia and gallows humour of a 21st century life acted out in a very 20th century way.”


Gand? has been more than ably assisted in this new project by Dan K Brown from the FIXX who has provided luxurious Bass atmosphere, the ever youthful ‘Kid’ Jordan on trademark rocka-riff action and introducing teenage vocal starlet Miss Tiggy Pop.


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